Growing pains

School started just a little over a week ago, which means I’ve started working on my semester’s goal list for about a week as well.

So far, I’m pretty pleased with how things are going. I’m consistently going to bed before 1, and though I haven’t been perfect in some of my daily goals, I’m getting better.

But I am also in pain.

Goals are not supposed to be easy — goals should challenge and stretch you, and I can say from the past week that my goals have stretched me —literally!

Blistered toes: Right now both my pinkie toes have blisters on them from new shoes I bought for professional interviews. I wore some of them for the first time yesterday and learned that they are good standing and sitting shoes, but maybe not good walking-across-campus shoes. But interviewing for Mizzou 39 is a step I must take if I want to be selected, so I can get past the pain.

Piles of dirty dishes: Last night I also faced an enormous pile of dishes. You see, my kitchen is miniscule, and I have neither a double sink nor a dishwasher, so dishes pile up easily, especially when I cook, which means I don’t usually cook. But it’s a goal of mine to start cooking once a week, and so far I am two for two! Last night I made delicious pork with cranberry sauce, recipe courtesy of the Pioneer Woman. It was definitely worth washing the pile of dishes I had once I was done.

Sore muscles: Monday I went to a Tiger X class where the instructor described it as “an advanced boot camp style class.” What had I gotten myself into?! It might not have been so bad if I had been regularly exercising in the past two years, but, um yeah… I haven’t been. So that class nearly killed me and it now hurts to get out of bed, walk, use stairs, sit down, move in any way, etc. But at the same time it feels good, you know? I love knowing that I’m getting my muscles back in shape and that the work out actually did something. I’m looking forward to yoga tomorrow so I can stretch everything out again!

Stretched faith: I haven’t been 100% on top of my Bible reading since I added The Rock’s read-through-the-Prophets plan to my daily readings, but what I have been reading has been stretching my faith a lot. Why are there so many hard-to-pronounce names in I Kings? What the heck is Paul even talking about in I Corinthians? How literally relevant is this stuff to me now? I don’t have all the answers, but I’m excited about digging deeper and finding out more.

So while it’s tough sometimes feeling growing pains, it’s a “hurts so good” type of pain, I think, and I’m ready for more of it this semester!


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