Happy Memphis to you!

I Photoshopped Justin's head onto Memphis-related things, such as Elvis, a Grizzlies player and a map of Tennessee.

As I have mentioned before, this is my last semester of undergrad. That means for me and many of my friends, it’s time to decide what to do upon graduation. It’s an exciting and scary time, but mostly exciting (at least I think so).

To make things more exciting and less scary, I have instigated Life Deciding Parties. Basically it means I make a themed cake once someone decides what they’re doing after graduation.

My friend Justin was the first to decide! Although he is a Biological Engineering major, he’s known for a while that he wants to teach high school science. This led him to apply for Teach For America, the Memphis Teacher Residency program and the Denver Teaching Fellows program. In the end, he chose Memphis! Tonight at canvas group we celebrated with Memphis-themed cake and a rendition of “Happy Memphis To You.”

I am super excited to watch Justin go off and be a real adult. I know he will make a great teacher, and my only wish is that he will finally admit to himself that Texas is awesome and move down there so he can teach my kids!

I’m also ready to see what else my senior friends have up their sleeves! More Life Deciding Parties, please! (Rhyming unintentional.)


3 thoughts on “Happy Memphis to you!

  1. That’s an adorable idea! I would love to hear more about his plans (…is that weird since I don’t know him?) and what he’s excited/nervous about. Since I’m from the Memphis area, I try to keep tabs on what’s happening there, especially with missions and service. 🙂

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