The world is a snowglobe!

Here in Columbia, Missouri, we got somewhere between 7-9 inches of snow last night. For a Texan like me, this is possibly the most magical thing that has ever happened.

The snow started around 4 yesterday and has been steadily falling since. Breezy came down to my apartment last night to chat, and before long, we had decided to go outside and check out sparkly campus even though it was after midnight. Living in an apartment building right next to campus lends itself to adventures such as these.

I have never seen so much snow in my life. Yes, I have been skiing, but I’ve never seen such fresh, powdery snow as it was falling. I loved that I could kick the snow and it would blow about like perfect, white crystals of sand. It was beautiful.

Unfortunately, we stayed out until 1:45 a.m. and I am now really tired. MU also didn’t cancel class today even though I’ve heard the roads are treacherous. Fortunately the only thing I had today was my internship and a 2 p.m. class. My boss told me I didn’t have to come in, so now I’m just enjoying the snow day until my class across the street at 2. Perfect!



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