It’s that time of year, again; time for me to set my semester goals. I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, but I do try to set goals for each “season:” fall semester, winter break, spring semester and summer.

I decided this semester to make goals in five main areas of my life (God, People, Finances, Work/School, and Health), which are outlined in the book I read around this time last year called Chazown.

Without further ado, here are my Spring 2011 goals!

• Listen to my Daily Audio Bible podcast five mornings a week.
• Read at least one chapter of the Bible per day, which works out to finishing the New Testament this semester.
• Continue Saturday sabbath. (Work out, read, play guitar, spend time with God, write letters, Skype/call people.)
• Put all my memory verses on cards. Start memorizing them.
• Pray for at least one person every day.

• Skype/call one person a week.
• Write two letters/encouraging notes a week.
• Spend Friday afternoons when I don’t have journalism tours meeting with people to talk about how life/God is going.
• “Neighby dinner” once a week. (Neighbies = my apartment neighbors Sam and Breezy)
• Regularly spend time with non-MTCGers. (People not in my Mark Twain Canvas Group)

• Keep better track of where my money goes (laundry, eating out, entertainment, groceries, gas, etc.). Budget once I understand my spending. (Thanks to Breezy for introducing me to, which will help me immensely in accomplishing this!)
• Pay off interest on my student loan.
• Tithe 10%
• Save 40%

• Be chosen as a member of the Mizzou 39.
• Graduate!
• Interview for at least two graduate schools.
• Get into Texas A&M.
• Find somewhere to live in the fall.
• Complete my online portfolio.
• Always go to class.
• Participate in discussions (do reading, at least have some sort of input).
(The last two goals are what kept me from “Get all A’s” last semester. Learning from my mistakes!)

• Work out three times a week.
• Cook once a week.
• Computer off by 12, be in bed by 12:30, lights off by 1.

Bring it on, last semester at Mizzou!


3 thoughts on “Gooooalllssss!

    • JFGI! 😉

      Just kidding… “n the spirit of service modeled by the founding families that made possible the 1839 founding of the University of Missouri, the Mizzou Alumni Association Student Board will recognize 39 outstanding seniors for their academic achievement, leadership and service to the University and community. Additionally, each MIZZOU ’39 honoree will name one faculty or staff member to be recognized for the impact he/she has made in the lives of MU students.”

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