Goin’ on a prayer journey

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Alas, it is my last week at home. Come Saturday, I will head up to the great white mid-west, where it has apparently been snowing like crazy, to embark on my last semester of undergrad. Weird.

Originally I planned on going back with my sister by the way of her school in Arkansas. Even though that trip takes a few hours longer in the end, it also breaks up my 600-mile drive into two more manageable 6-hour days, rather than one 11-hour day.

Unfortunately, Blair doesn’t want to go back to school until Sunday afternoon, which means I wouldn’t be back in Columbia until Monday afternoon before classes start on Tuesday. Not exactly ideal. So I have decided to brave the 11-hour-ish drive solo on Saturday in order to have two days in my apartment to unpack and buy groceries and all that jazz before I start my final semester at Mizzou.

I was absolutely dreading this drive when I finally decided on my Saturday leave date. 11 hours alone. In a car. Blech blech blech. But then it occurred to me that I could make something out of this horrendous drive.

The drive I have ahead of me

I’ve done the straight 600+ mile drive three years previous to this. My freshmen year I took my friends Briehn and Drew with me, which lent to some Bob Dylan education that put me to sleep while Drew drove. Sophomore year, due to our lives belonging to Residential Life, Briehn and I did the drive without Drew. Last year, my junior year, I did it alone. And while it kind of sucked, it was also kind of nice. I could listen to whatever music I wanted to listen to as loud as I wanted. I could sing as loud as I wanted. I could stop when I needed to stop and wasn’t controlled by any one else’s tiny bladders (coughcoughBriehncoughcough).

I also had some amazing time with God on those drives to and from Texas that winter. I had hours and miles of time, just me and Him, and it was really beautiful.

Remembering those drives, I have decided to kick my last semester of college off right with an 11-hour prayer journey. It is my goal to spend the entire drive in praise, prayer and worship, communing with my Father and asking him to bless this upcoming semester.

This is where you come in!
I definitely have a lot of friends and family already on my heart for whom I know I want to pray, but I am human, and I am forgetful and not omnipotent, so there are definitely people and situations going on that I have not yet thought of.

So this is where I ask you to leave a comment here or on Facebook, email me at “lcochrum at gmail dot com”, or send me a Facebook message with prayer requests for you, your friends, your family etc. I really want to serve my friends in this way, so please don’t be shy! The more things I have to pray for, the shorter my drive will seem!

Prayer hasn’t exactly been my forte over the past 21 years, but I have learned a lot about it and figured out my own ways to communicate and enjoy it recently. I’m really excited to dedicate this drive and, in turn, this semester to God, and I would love you all to be a part of that.


2 thoughts on “Goin’ on a prayer journey

  1. I love this idea, Lindsay. Brilliant.

    I’d love some prayer for just building a support team for Honduras LT and just that I’d be steadfast in the work I’m going to be doing leading up to the summer, even though it’ll be a challenge.

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