Why YOU should go to LT

Dear Prospective LT-goer (side note: everyone is a potential LT-goer),

I am very sorry I have miss The Rock’s first informational meeting about LT. Peggy actually asked me to help lead it, but ironically, I’ll be in Ohio… visiting four girls I met at LT. I mean, I think that speaks for itself.

BUT just in case it doesn’t, here’s some stuff that might help you decide if you want to go (hint: you want to go).

#1. What is LT?
This is a link to my “LT” page on my blog; it explains my job/experience very broadly, but know there are other jobs than the one I did this summer! The link in the bottom of the post also takes you to all the blog posts I’ve mentioned LT in. Unfortunately most of the stuff I wrote during LT is buried, so I will now link you to the good posts that will give you a better idea of what I learned/did this summer.

#2 To LT or Not to LT, That is the Question
Why I chose LT.

#3 Pushing Me to Lead
What happened when I got put in an unexpected leadership role this summer.

#4 We’ve Got Kind of a Good Things Going For Us
Learning about how to share the gospel.

#5 I Want Something to Live For
Feeling stagnant and wanting more.

#6 When Holding On is a Bad Thing
Realizing one of my biggest fears and giving it back to God… again.

#7 Hey, Can I Pet Your Dog and Tell You Jesus Loves You?
Sharing the gospel with strangers in Boulder.

#8 Have a Quality Day
The awesome people I worked with!

#9 The Kind of Running I can Get Behind
Deciding to actively run to Christ.

#10 Now Entering the Homestretch
A bunch of things I learned in July.

#11. LT Wrap Up
If you’ve ever seen my LT necklace, this explains all the beads. Basically I made a necklace with one bead for every big lesson I learned or thing I did this summer. It’s pretty legit.

#12 An awesome slide show of photos from the summer!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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