It’s that time of year!

Christmas is coming, friends!

I have…
6 more days of class
8 days until Ohio
13 days until my one and only final
15 days until TEXAS

Until then, I’ll push through the end of my last fall semester at Mizzou by making Procrastination Funfetti Cupcakes, listening to Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Ballet on repeat and enjoying my Christmas decorations!

My baby Christmas tree

My grandma makes Christmas balls like this one every year. It's a family tradition we've passed on, and I made this little one last year!

The icicle in the foreground of this photo is one of hundreds that used to hang on my grandma's tree. She gave all the grandchildren a bag of them last year, and they're some of my favorite ornaments.

Silly star Santa lights my mom found for me at an estate sale or something.

My stocking from my first year of Twain staff during training week!

Lights and a paper chain made by my residents my first year on Twain staff

Mmmm Procrastination Funfetti Cupcakes on the Christmas plates my mom got me!


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