The Cochrum Family Players

The four of us during Thanksgiving break last year

One of my favorite things about coming home is reuniting with my siblings. We didn’t always get along like we do now, and even now we fight and pick at one another sometimes, but in the end, we’ve bonded pretty well.

Case in point: last night Nathaniel, Blair and I broke out the elementary Christmas ensemble books, Nate’s cello and Blair’s violin for some festive holiday music. My viola, Elphaba, sadly is in Missouri, so we had to substitute some really basic piano in for the trio. We had a lot of dorky fun playing different combos, me on cello, Blair on piano, me on violin, Blair on cello, me on piano, Nate jumping in trying to read alto clef because we didn’t have one of the books for cello, he and I reading treble clef when necessary, Blair only reading treble because she’s not as musically bilingual as Nate and I…

In the words of Blair, “I think it’s funny that we used to hate it when Grandma and Grandpa made us put on Christmas concerts, and now we’re just doing it for fun!”

Yes. We’re pretty nerdy. But that’s why we get along.

Here’s a video of one of our musical endeavors. We’ll add the viola and perfect it for Christmas, I’m sure. Also blame the shaky camera work on my 11-year-old brother Alex, who is learning euphonium and couldn’t quite keep up with his orchestral siblings.


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