Count your blessings, not your bummers

Last night during John’s lesson on Finding Joy Despite the Circumstances, he challenged us to make a list of things we’re thankful fo for every letter in the alphabet. So I did! Here it is:

my favorite season, Autumn
Bread, my favorite food
Colorado and all the experiences I had and people I met there
Dreams, whether they be crazy ones in my sleep or actual hopes for the future
my amazing Equipping team
my beautiful Freshmen girls
my generous Grandparents
Harry Potter and the wondrous world I can escape to when I read the books
InDesign and Illustrator
everything the Journalism school has taught me
Knit cardigans that keep me warm and make me look classy
sending and receiving Letters of all kinds
Mark Twain Canvas Group
Nights I go to bed before 1 a.m.
Online communication that allows me to keep in touch with faraway friends and family
my loving and supportive Parents
QT runs with friends
my Red hair
my awesome Siblings
Texas and my home there
Unexpected lessons God teaches me
Vacations home and to visit friends
Water: it’s really weird and miraculous when you think about it for a while
XKCD, one of my favorite web comics
Yahweh and the grace and forgiveness He continually offers me
Zip-up hoodies that keep me warm while allowing me to remove them easily


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