There’s a new trend sweeping the apartments and dorm rooms of Rock kids at Mizzou: The PTL Board.

If you’re unfamiliar with the PTL Board, it’s essentially a board (usually a white board, for convenience) where people can record their PTL, or “Praise the Lord,” moments. The first one I saw was in Amanda and Peggy’s apartment, but soon Sam and some of the freshmen started making them, too. Here’s mine:

Stating the PTL board has been really good because it’s made me stop to think about how gracious God has been to me and how much he has blessed me.

For example, PTL for: God working through my life and changing me at LT; my no-longer-just-possible-but-confirmed trip to Kent in a month; core groups starting; my salvation from my depravity; God’s strength and love; my lowest Old Testament quiz being dropped; finishing my interview with Jonalyn Fincher on time; completing my A&M application; extended deadline for my Old  Testament paper; and Texas in a week!

Tonight the PTL was made an official part of Rock canon as all the canvas groups had a lesson on praise with a PTL board activity. This also included me leading worship for the first time, which was… well not as bad as expected!

I really enjoyed getting to lead this canvas group with Jason. I think it was good for all of us to stop and thank God for what he’s done and give Him glory for it. We read through Psalms 146-150 and had some really cool conversations about how everything that has breath, and even things that don’t like breath like the sun, the moon, the stars and the mountains, praise the Lord.

One point I loved was from Michelle: the Psalms praise the Lord for the rain. How often do we stop and think, “Wow, God created rain, and that is praiseworthy,”? Not often. We take a lot of God’s blessings for granted.

Jasmine brought up the other point that really struck me. These inanimate objects (the aforementioned sun, moon, stars, mountains, etc.) praise God by being purely what God made them to be: God made the water to be water, and by being water, it praises the Lord. The disjunct here is that we as humans so often do not act like what God created us to be. We forget our identity in Him and act out of our identities that the world has given us. If we remember who God says we are and live that out, we praise Him with our entire being.

I’m really excited for things that God is doing in my life right now and the blessings he has granted me. All I can say is PTL!


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