I dreamed a dream

Saturday night, after all the hoopla that was #11 Missouri upsetting #1 Oklahoma during Mizzou’s 99th Homecoming celebration, I had a long, detailed, crazy, narrative dream.

This is not at all uncommon. I frequently have vivid, silly dreams with huge casts of friends and acquaintances in a variety of scenarios. I often tell these friends about their cameos, usually because I find it amusing that Justin, John and I helped Dexter defeat a murderer with Justin’s wheelchair wheel, or that Amanda and I dated, or that Ben and I did a conga line at the Fall Retreat (all actual dreams I have had).

So Saturday night’s dream featured a variety of venues and events, some of which included eating at some sort of cafeteria/dining hall where the cashier (who was a total stranger) pronounced his undying love for me and kissed me on the cheek, and a shopping excursion with some Rock people at a home decor store.

INCEPTION! (Just kidding. This is just what Breezy likes to interject any time we talk about dreams now. Back to Saturday night’s dream.)

It also included a Texas road trip narrative that I will now recount.

So a friend (it might have been Amanda, but I’m not sure) and I decide to go on a road trip from Missouri to visit College Station, Texas randomly on a weekend. We leave on Wednesday morning and get there that night, when my friend Barclay picks us up and is driving us around town.

“I keep thinking we’re in Abilene,” I said. “I wish we were in Abilene so we could get some Gooberburger. (Context: Abilene is another city in Texas where a lot of my family lives and my best friend Angela goes to school. Gooberburger is not a real place, but I must have made it up in my head. Apparently it’s a hamburger place.)

“Well, you’re in luck!” Barclay said. “We have a Gooberburger.”

So we drive to the Gooberburger, which is a drive-in restaurant where you physically drive into the building, like the Yosemite Sam ride at Six Flags.

Now, it was only Yosemite-Sam-like in that your drive through a place. It wasn’t western themed or anything like that. In fact, it looked like a typical diner—you just drove through it at ordered at the cash register instead of walking in.

So we drive up to the counter, and even though I suggested we go there, I don’t want to order because I’m not hungry. So Barclay proceeds to order three burgers, supposedly for himself, pays for them, but then hands one to my friend and me when the food comes.

“Oh, um, you didn’t have to do that,” I said.  “I’m not really that hungry. I can pay for it.”
“Um, yeah, actually I’m gonna need you to pay me back,” he said.


Anyway, after that he asks me how I managed to miss three days of school to come visit Texas.

“Oh, well I had a few classes canceled, and a couple classes weren’t super important, so I skipped them, and… oh. my. gosh.”
The horrible realization then came over me that I was missing a Magazine Editing test the next day by being in Texas. I then freak out, drive all the way back to Missouri, take my test, then drive all the way back to Texas. Because it makes sense to have a weekend trip that comprises of 13 hours there, then 13 hours back, then 13 hours there again and 13 hours back again. Not.

I told Barclay about his role in this dream, and he told me, “Hm, I think Freud would have several things to say about that.”

And this is where my dream analysis begins.
I don’t really have any idea what the whole Gooberburger thing means, but I do have a sense of what my rampant road-tripping might symbolize.

Ever since I have decided to go to A&M next year, I’ve been battling living in the future rather than the moment. I still have six months left in Missouri, but I frequently find myself thinking about the future, about next summer, about next year. I don’t necessarily think it’s out of control, but I do think about returning to Texas a lot. So much in fact that I’m missing out on things here? Maybe not, but it could get that way if I’m not careful. I could get so excited about my road trip to Texas that I forgot about things I need to take care of here, like tests. (Okay, maybe not Magazine Editing tests, but maybe things like what to do on spring break.) And then when I take care of those things last-minute, I immediately return to Texas, even though it doesn’t make logical sense.

I don’t know what I’m going to do on spring break. I could go home, I could stay in CoMO, I could go to Memphis or I could go to Honduras. I honestly haven’t thought that much about it. I’ve mostly thought about going to Texas to find a place to live, because hopefully by then I will know 100% for sure that I’ll be A&M-bound next fall, which means I’ll need to find somewhere to live. But things could work out where I already have housing or I end up living with people there who already have housing. I may not need to go home at spring break, and then what? I honestly haven’t even given Memphis or Honduras any thought, and I should be praying about it. But I’ve been a little too wrapped up in grad school to do so.

The symbolism might be far-fetched, but I think it was a good reminder that I am still in Missouri for the next six months, and I should soak it up as much as possible. It’s silly to live in the future when I have such an awesome present here. I have an amazing community of fellow believers in my Canvas Group. I have a fun job designing things for ResLife. I have 23 awesome PAs to oversee. I get to tell prospective students about how legit our journalism school is. I get to go to the #1 journalism school in the country. I get to watch the #6 football team play every week. I get to hang out with awesome friends. I get to experience fall and cooler weather!

I’m in Missouri for the next six months, and I’m gonna enjoy every minute of it.


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