Prepare to be Mizzou-ified

Chances are you already know this, but if you live under a box somewhere in Missouri, or if you live somewhere far away from Missouri, or if you don’t give a care about college football, you may not know that ESPN’s College Gameday is coming to Mizzou this weekend!

It’s all very exciting. The whole town is a-twitter (literally tweeting the crap out of #MizzouGameday, thanks JSchool) with excitement. It’s just a huge culmination of Mizzou excitement for several reasons.

#1. It’s ESPN Gameday ON THE QUAD. Most epic place to host College Gameday ever? I think yes. Also we’ve never hosted Gameday before, so that’s legit.


The bookstore is selling three special shirts on honor of Gameday.

Twitpic of a banner outside Campus Bar and Grill courtesy of Becky Berg.

The University of Missouri David R. Francis Quadrangle, the second most photographed thing in Missouri (the first being the St. Louis Gateway Arch)

#2. It’s Mizzou’s 99th Homecoming celebration. We invented Homecoming. Jeopardy says so. We take it seriously here with a month’s worth of events and activities, culminating with this weekends Greek House Decs, the Homecoming Parade and the game.

The 2010 Homecoming theme: Tradition Set in Stone

Mizzou's first homecoming game in 1911 (via Wikipedia's entry on "homecoming")

Mizzou hosts one of the nation's largest blood drives during Homecoming.

Members of Mizzou's GreekLife spend countless hours in October "pomping" (gluing tissue paper to giant plywood boards) to make these huge sets for House Decs and Skits.

#3. The BCS #11 team (Mizzou) is taking on the BCS #1 team (Oklahoma) for the ultimate Big 12 showdown. Personally, when I saw that we were playing Oklahoma for Homecoming, I thought it was a terrible idea. They’ve always been disgustingly good (the only team to beat us in 2007, and they beat us twice, stupid Sooners), and after getting KILLED by Texas at Homecoming last year, I wasn’t looking forward to a repeat. Even now I am pretty skeptical that we’ll pull out a win (I also think we’re a little over-ranked), but I will be optimistic for my Tigers! M-I-Z Beat-O-U!

As someone tweeted earlier this week, we’re playing the school that brought you “Crying Sorority Girl.”

I didn’t buy football tickets this year, which I am slightly regretting now, but I will be as Mizzou-ified as possible over the next few days. Our church even moved its normal Saturday night service to Thursday so we could have a watch party Saturday night! Also I painted my nails black and gold last night.

Let’s go Mizzou! Let’s make this the best weekend of my senior year!


Repin' the Tiger pride


2 thoughts on “Prepare to be Mizzou-ified

  1. If you’re still wondering whether or not to go to the Quadrangle, I think you and some friends should trek over there in the middle of the night. Things like this only come around once. It won’t be the same when you are an alum.

  2. @Sydney: I don’t know about that. I’ve enjoyed Homecoming as much or maybe more as an alum. But only because I’ve stuck around Columbia and am still involved on campus, working downtown probably helps too.

    But yeah, soak it up. Some years are better than others, and the hype around this one’s pretty intense. It’ll be one to remember, regardless of the outcome.

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