OFL: Two apps submitted!

Oh hey, so I kind of decided on Bowling Green State University for my second choice for grad school. It was kind of an arbitrary decision, but the program is solid and there’s H2O (church, not water), so I think I could cope there if A&M doesn’t work out.

I submitted the online applications to both BGSU and A&M tonight! I have very few things left to get in before I’m squared away at both schools:

1. Ensure my three academic references for A&M return the necessary recommendation materials.
2. Print and mail resume to A&M
3. Request transcripts from Mizzou and TCC for A&M
4. Write, print and mail an Autobiographical Essay for A&M
5. Print and mail Career Statement to BGSU
5. Deliver reference forms to two references and ensure that they are sent to BGSU
6. Ensure that my third reference for BGSU returns the necessary recommendation materials.
7. Print and mail resume to BGSU
8. Request two transcripts each from Mizzou and TCC for BGSU


Now I just have to pick my last school. I’m thinking UNT or Texas Tech, but Georgia and South Carolina are also in the mix…

And I mean the dream is A&M; I’m just applying to other schools to be safe.
Prayin’ about the process daily! Join me, will you?


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