Gettin’ crafty!

So this weekend I finally got to see the products of a couple of craft projects I did last month!

First off, I picked up my ceramics I painted two weeks ago. Check out my John-Mayer-lyrics coasters! (Not posters or toasters…)


Ah yeah, coasters (posters... toasters...)



from "Gravity"



from "The Great Indoors"



from "The Heart of Life"



Our equipping team's favorite, from "Say"


Annnd secondly, some attempts at tie-dyed shirts! They had a free CRAFTernoon at the Mizzou craft center, so I took some old white T’s and tried to make them better!


Used too much dye on this one. The stripes are a little too defined.



Tried to salvage my UT shirt. Didn't work out so well. Headed to the rag bag...



And this one I actually like! Success!


So I learned a little by trial and error and will have better results next time!


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