A new leaf

Getting up for class this morning was very, very difficult. I was very warm and snuggly in my comfy Mizzou sweatpants and Gap sweater booties (knit booties lined with fleece—best purchase I ever made), in my bed when all three of my alarms went off. I just didn’t want to get out of bed. I had Magazine Editing at 9:30, and even though I really like that class, I did not want to go. I wanted to wallow in bed until my next class commitment at 11.

I had an inner argument for a good 10 minutes about whether I should get up or not. I really had absolutely no good reason for staying in bed. By this point, it was nearly 9 a.m., which is not even early. Plus, skipping Editing lecture is stupid because the exam questions come straight from lecture, and I would need notes from the class to do well on the exam. My one argument for skipping class was that I could have slept for another hour. Not good enough, especially when I have made it my intention* to not skip classes for the rest of the semester.

(*This weekend at the retreat, our speaker, Dave Megill, talked about how it should be our intention, not our vow, to submit to God because we will mess up sometimes, and that’s okay. We get back on track and we haven’t broken a vow, we’ve just gone astray of our intention. While you can refocus on your intentions, it’s very hard to un-break a vow.)

Last month was rough. I skipped a lot of Old Testament classes and three Editing lectures. Yikes. Not good. I made the decision that for October and beyond I wouldn’t skip class. Five days in, and we’re still good to go. (Let’s not talk about how only three of those days have been class days.)

But the point is I’m turning over a new leaf.
Not only did I skip a lot of classes last month, I also skipped a lot of God time. I shoved hour-long blocks I had saved for God to make room for last-minute papers, getting locked out of my apartment, mindless TV, sleep and dinner.


Isn’t it funny that when we’re most stressed and need God’s peace the most, we skip out on time with Him? It makes sense, sort of. We think, “I don’t have time to talk to God! I need to get things done!” But really, I find myself more at peace and able to get things done when I’ve spent time with the Father and given Him all that I’m stressing out about.

So here’s to October and my new leaf.
No more skipping class. No more skipping God.


2 thoughts on “A new leaf

  1. I read this and is was really encouraging! good job with not skipping God time or class! I love you and miss you! you should come to North Texas 🙂 Yeah, I agree about October, something about it feels like a breath of fresh air.

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