I’m waking up

One of Sam's door decs she made me

September is almost over! And today I got to check off my first goal of the semester: “Score competatively on the GRE.” Hurrah!

The test went pretty well. It wasn’t as stupendous as my ACT scores, but they’re above the 70th percentile, so I feel pretty decent about them. I somehow scored considerably better on the math section than I did on the verbal section. Maybe it was because I was wearing my “lucky” maroon Mizzou T-shirt.

Sporting my last MU Bookstore purchase—a maroon Mizzou tee.

But really I think I was so freaked out about trying to recall everything I learned in 9th grade geometry and 10th grade Algebra II that I didn’t even bother studying vocab, which came back to get me. Oh well.

It’s been a surprisingly good week. I was dreading it for the GRE and for all the final retreat details I’d have to pull together, but it’s been better than expected. I got to have some awesome meals with Max and Ben, had some productive study time for the GRE, got a lot of last minute retreat stresses taken care of, found out that Mark and Macie are having a baby (!) and have had some amazing girl time with Breezy, Sam, Amanda and Funfetti cupcakes.

There were 18 cupcakes on Sunday. Now there are two.

On top of that, it’s been a good day in general. I slept in, watched Glee, did some homework, took my test, had some SC check-ins, celebrated the end of the GRE with Thomas with tacos and my first margarita, finished up some stuff for The Rock Fall Retreat in a few days, filmed an LT promotional video, watched Gossip Girl and watched Modern Family.

I even got good mail today! I got a letter from my LT friend Melissa, an encouraging note from one of the Rock staffers Mazvita and my, Emily’s and Amy’s tickets to see Spring Awakening in a few weeks!

I ❤ real mail!

But you know what the best part of today was? All the prayer and encouragement I got from my friends. I got so many Facebook wall posts, text messages, door decorations (posted below!) wishing me luck and asking me how it went. Thanks so much, friends. It seriously meant a lot to me. I am so thankful to have you all supporting me in Operation Finish Line!

Breezy and Sam's decorations!

Slying making fun of the giant lost of goals on the other side of my door.

Thanks for the encouragement, gals!


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