Why “Modern Family” is the best 22 minutes of TV in my week

Welp, Facebook’s down and I just finished out the hardest part of a ridiculous week that involved two papers and a test, so I’m ready for a laugh.

Modern Family should give me just that.

I started watching Modern Family in April or May. After reading about how “hilarious” and “amazing” it was for week and weeks in Entertainment Weekly, I finally got on ch131.com and watched the pilot. I watched a few more episodes, and all of a sudden several hours had passed. It was that good. I finished the entire first season in about a week.

The best part about Modern Family is that it’s realistic. Yes, there are ridiculous plot lines (like in one of my favorite episodes when Phil and Clair cancel Christmas over a “cigarette burn” on the couch until one of their kids fesses up), but for the most part, these plot lines are based on situations that really happen in families: sibling comparison, kids growing up, over-excited sports parents…

One reason I love this show so much is that it reminds me a lot of my family. In one episode, new fathers Mitch and Cam accidentally knock their daughter’s head against a door jamb and frantically rush her to the doctor to make sure she doesn’t have brain damage. In the hurry to get to the doctor, they lock their new baby in the car with the keys.

THIS HAPPENED TO ME AS A BABY. My mom locked me in the car after taking me to the doctor. Hilarious!

Last night’s episode also contained a sweet moment that reminded me so much of a family trip to New York during my senior year.

In this clip, the Dunphy family is walking home after a particularly crazy family outing. The kids are laughing and joking about the day’s events while the parents walk quietly in front, smiling just enjoying themselves.

Alexander and Blair, Oct. 2006

Me and Nathaniel, Oct. 2006

One evening during our New York vacation, my siblings and I were walking ahead of my parents through some scaffolding covered in “POST NO BILLS” warnings that kept fliers and other advertisements off the scaffolding. For whatever reason, we thought it would be funny to read “post no bills” with different emphasises on different words., so the four of use starting chanting, “POST no bills, post NO bills, post no BILLS!” over and over through the streets of New York. It was silly; it was something 17-, 15-, 11- and 7-year-old siblings do, but it was also a memory of sibling camaraderie I won’t soon forget.

The other reason I love Modern Family is because it is plain funny. The dialogue is genius. I find myself laughing out loud through each episode without fail. And while there are a lot of funny TV shows out there that I enjoy (The Office, 30 Rock, The Big Bang Theory, Glee, HIMYM), none of them carry the same “LOL-factor” that Modern Family does. The last show that made me laugh out loud like this one was Friends, and Modern Family is just as funny without Friends‘ sex jokes. It’s family friendly and hysterical for all ages.

CHECK IT OUT IMMEDIATELY! No need to even catch up on the first season (though I highly recommend the DVDs just for the entertainment value). It’ll be the best 22 minutes of your week.


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