One month (plus a few days…) check-up

Well, bloggy friends, it’s been a month and a week since I originally posted my Fall 2010 goals on here. I was originally planning to check-in once a month, but my life has been crazy and I haven’t made time for blogging until the past two days. Not that I haven’t thought about blogging. I have at least six blog ideas written on a sticky note in my planner. I just haven’t gotten around to writing them.

And while I have homework to do and emails to write, I am putting all of that on hold to write this blog, because that’s the only way it will ever get written. Because my life is a mess right now. In a good way. More about that later.

So here are all my goals again. Let’s see how I’ve been doing.

1. Score competitively on the GRE.
T-minus 13 days, 14 hours and 44 minutes until the test (as of right now). I started looking over the verbal section Sunday. I have yet to look over math yet. I’m slightly nervous, but not terrified. We’ll see how I feel once I finally open the math section of my study guide.

2. Prayerfully apply to four grad schools.
Ok. This goal may need to change. As I mentioned earlier, I really want to go to Texas A&M. I feel reasonably confident that I will get in and get some sort of assitantship. But that being said, I obviously can’t put all of my eggs in one basket. I need to apply to at least one or two more schools, just to be safe. It kind of sucks because when I made this goal, I didn’t know where I wanted to go, and four seemed like a good variety to choose from. Now that I know, I still have to pay $50 for each application fee plus travel to interview at these  schools… we’ll see what happens.

3. Prayerfully plan, direct and delegate tasks for the fall retreat with Jake Wiig.
This is going well! Jake and I have met three times and have delegated many tasks. I feel like we’re on the right track to be done by October 1.

4. Remember the sabbath (Saturday) and keep it holy. Spend extended time with God. Read books. Get off Facebook. Do things I enjoy. Rest.
This has been a little rocky. My problem is that I don’t want to actually do anything on Saturdays, so I usually sleep in ridiculously late, refuse to get dressed, watched TV and spend time on Facebook until it’s time to go to The Rock. No bueno. I’ve been praying that God shows me what my sabbaths should look like. Also things like the Illinois game and Meet Mizzou Days encroach on my Saturdays.

5. Spend time with God daily, whether it be by reading the Bible, praying, journaling or in worship.
This has been going really well. Last week was really bad, but I’ve been getting some good quiet time in daily for the most part. I also started subscribing to the Daily Audio Bible podcast, which I listen to every morning as I get ready. I admit that that alone is not good enough because many times I am distracted and don’t get as much out of the texts and I would like, but I’ve had a few good “aha” moments to make it a worthy habit.

6. Reread the entire New Testament in The Message.
This hasn’t happened. Mostly because Amanda asked me to read through Proverbs with her this month. But I think I shall start after September.

7. Visit College Station at least once. (Tentative and most likely dates: sometime between November 19 and 24)
This is a while off, but I’m super excited. I can’t wait to see Kelsey and Barclay and Mark & Macie and Sam and Wenet and Philip & Jenn and to go to AMCF and to tour the campus and talk to the grad program. Gig ’em!

8. Visit Angela at ACU and see her new house. (Most likely at the end of Christmas break.)
Still a while off.

9. Visit my sister and Caleb at Harding at least once. (Some weekend?)
This actually probably won’t happen because my mom and sister just made plans to come visit me the second weekend in October! Yay! I’ll probably postpone this until next semester. Caleb can wait. 🙂

10. Become good friends with my former hall coordinator Laura.
I got to grab ice cream with her a few weeks ago, which was awesome. She gave me some flowered hair bands that she sells in her adorable Etsy store. We haven’t gotten to hang out since then, but making time for all the people I want to spend time with has been really hard. I have a list of about 20 people who I don’t see regularly (in class or in canvas group) who I try to keep track of. It’s hard, but it’s totally worth it. I think a hang out with Laura is in order soon!

11. Be discipled. (By Peggy?)
Success! I’m meeting up with Peggy every other week to keep me in check. Boom.

12. Develop strong friendships with Christian girls at The Rock! (Amanda, Hannah, Alexis, Peggy, Kaitlyn…)
God has blessed me so much in this area! Amanda and I are having weekly lunches, and I’ve also got to hang out with Kaitlyn and Alexis a few times. God has also placed some really awesome freshman and sophomore girls in our canvas group whom I just adore. I have loved getting to know them and look forward to hanging out with them more!

13. Make all A’s. (I won’t be upset by a B, but I really think all A’s is very doable this semester.)

I think this is definitely doable. I really like all my classes, especially Magazine Editing. (I’m a HUGE grammar nerd.) The only class that’s giving me a hard time is Old Testament, only because I’ve skipped the last three lectures. Why? No reason. I just chose to sleep instead. We’re gonna fix that; don’t worry.

14. Save 40% of my paycheck.

15. Tithe 10% of my paycheck.
I’ve only been paid twice (the second check came today), so I have a double check to put in Saturday. In fact, I’m going to write it right now so I don’t forget. Done.

16. Read three books outside of class.
I finished One Day back right after school started and started rereading Crazy Love. The first night I opened it I read half a chapter. I have yet to pick it back up again since. Reading will become part of my sabbath!

17. Spend 2-4 hours a week in McDavid and Mark Twain.
Hmm. Well. I’ve been to two of the three canvas groups, which meant I was there for at least two hours. Plus I studied there the other night. But that’s not really the point. I’m hoping this will get better once September is over. (Read: the retreat is planned and the GRE is taken.)

18. Ask someone why they don’t believe in God.

In progress.

19. Pursue God as the lover of my soul.
This is hard to quantify. I’m not sure if I’ve been doing a good job at this. While I feel that my relationship with Him is growing, I don’t think I see Him as a lover yet. Hm.

20. Maintain relationships with my good friends outside of The Rock.
I think this is going okay. With my 20-person list I’m trying as hard as I can to maintain these friendships with the people I love!

21. Get some of them who are interested involved in The Rock.
There are a few girls who I gave some info to about coming, I just don’t know if they’re interested or not. Time will tell!

22. Believe that God has a plan for my future and my family.
I have had an overwhelming sense of peace about this since the end of LT. Thanks, God!

23. Be intentional about talking about what God has been doing in my life.
This still feels kind of weird for me sometimes, but I’m becoming more and more comfortable talking about it. I have some great friends who model it well and have been learning from them.

24. Meet at least one new person in each of my classes.
Honestly haven’t tried that hard. I know people in all of my classes, so I’ve been sticking close-by them. Two of my classes are small enough and discussion-based enough that I’m learning everyone’s names, so I guess I’ve met those people. My editing class is just huge, and while I know people in it, I usually sit by myself. The room’s too cramped to save seats. I did meet the girls next to me one time, but I can’t for the life of me remember their names. Rawr.

25. Pray about coming back to LT, and if I feel God leading me back, apply as early as possible so I can work in the craft shop! Or should I take David up on crew leading…?
I want to go back, and I want to be a crew leader. I’m just waiting for God to say no. If He doesn’t, I’m going!


3 thoughts on “One month (plus a few days…) check-up

    • In general, the “Christian sabbath” is Sunday. For all practical purposes, it doesn’t really matter what day of the week the sabbath is and to say it must be on Sunday is legalistic. What really matters is that there IS a sabbath. I picked Saturday for myself personally because Sunday is the day I do homework and get ready for the week. It’s not restful; Sundays are busy. Incidentally, my church meets on Saturday nights, and since I do not have any regularly occurring Saturday obligations, it made for the perfect sabbath for me. I have friends who have a personal sabbath on Mondays or some other day of the week. It really just depends on what works well with your schedule.

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