The Tigers vs. The Sabbaths

I need to rest.

Maybe not right this minute, but in general, I realize I need to rest more. I need to take more time for myself and not be obligated to anything. I think we as Americans struggle with this concept because resting is often equated with laziness. If you’re not being productive, you’re wasting time.

Over the past several months, the concept of taking a sabbath has been reiterated in my life. We talked about it in Canvas Group before school ended, I listened to a Mark Driscoll podcast about it last week and Drage brought it up again a few weeks ago at an LT service. God created the sabbath not only for us to honor him, but to give us rest. We need to recharge, do what makes us feel good and spend time with Him on a regular basis.

Ideally, these sabbaths would happen all day once a week. For example, Drage really encouraged us to make sure our days off out here are used for Sabbath, which, for me, means I don’t necessarily go hiking every Wednesday, because in all honesty, hiking is not my favorite thing. It doesn’t refresh me. Sometimes it makes me feel closer to God when I see a beautiful view from the top of a mountain, but I think I get more quality time with God reading his Word or journaling.

As for the school year, finding an entire day to have just to myself and God is seeming impossible. Monday through Friday is totally out of the question between class and three jobs. Sunday had potential, but in reality I spend most Sundays cramming all my homework that I should have started Thursday night.

So that brings us to Saturday, or for those of us at D1 Big 12 schools, Football Day.

I have sincerely loved the past three years of Mizzou football. We may have gotten worse since Chase Daniel’s glorious junior year, but going to the games has been a blast nonetheless. There was the freezing, wet, ridiculously cold loss to Kansas my sophomore year; the Cotton Bowl in Dallas my freshman year; the 4th-quarter loss in the pouring rain to Nebraska my junior year; the embarrassing loss to Baylor my junior year; the sad loss to Navy at the Texas Bowl on New Year’s Eve this past year… Okay, I swear we won some games somewhere in there.

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But even if we have lost a lot of games in the past two years, I have loved being there to cheer on my Tigers. Big Mo; Marching Mizzou; Truman; the fight song; M-I-Z Z-O-U; the cannon; thousands of students decked out in Gold. Nothing beats D1 Big 12 football.

Except maybe a day of rest.

See, going to football games is kind of an all-day commitment, and to be honest, but the end of the season, I sometimes find myself thinking, “Oh good, it’s over. Now I have my Saturdays back.”

While I love the Tigers, after looking over their 2010 schedule, I’m not so sure I’ll be spending $140 ($225 if I want tickets to the Illinois and Kansas games plus basketball tickets) to watch us play McNeese State (who??), San Diego State, Miami Ohio, Colorado, Oklahoma (That’s the Homecoming game. Yes, I love it when we get slaughtered for Homecoming. Last year’s game against Texas, anyone??) and Kansas State.

(Now after this summer I might be persuaded to go to College Station for the Mizzou/A&M game, but only if I could find some way to get from CoMO to CS in less than 13 hours of driving or in less than $100 in airfare.)

So my decision is still in limbo. Are six days of awesome Mizzou spirit and tradition worth a week’s worth of YMCA pay and busy weekends all fall? I don’t know yet. I’ll be thinking and praying about it and get back to you.


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