Sometimes I like journalism

So even though I have decided journalism is not what I’m meant to do for the rest of my life, so do really like aspects of it. Design, for one. I hope to someday be able to incorporate design into my career, or at least keep it up as a hobby.

Last semester, I took a Missourian staff class called Information Graphics where I made a bunch of graphs, maps and diagrams about various stories in the newspaper. For our final project, we had to make a full-page graphic with a Flash component. Mine was about wheelchair basketball, so I didn’t think it would run or go online until the season at Mizzou started this fall. But lo and behold, I got a Facebook message from my graphics editor this morning with a link to my Flash graphic online! I was stoked to see it and would love to share it with you!

Here it is!


One thought on “Sometimes I like journalism

  1. Hey, that was cool! I didn’t know all that stuff about the various classifications of players, and the wheelchair info was interesting too. Great job on the article!

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