Ok, confession time. I kind of want to be an Aggie.

Ok, maybe not be an Aggie, I mean I love being a Tiger, but maybe I just want to befriend all the Aggies here at LT.

See, remember that whole “homesick for Texas” thing? Well, I feel better when I am surrounded by Texans, namely the Ags here.

The first day out here, someone asked me where I was from, so of course I said, “Texas.” I was promptly informed that telling people I was from Texas would just confuse people because while I lived in Texas for 18 years, I now go to Mizzou, and therefor should say I’m from Missouri as to not mislead people to think I go to A&M.

Ok, sorry, that was dramatic. I swear I’m not usually this passionate about the Lone Star State, but I do love and miss it dearly. After that first day I made the intentional decision to wear my Texas necklace for a good week so people would know straight off my heritage, even if I said I came from Mizzou.

I swear I could pass as a legit A&M’er. I’ve been to Midnight Yell Practice! I’ve humped it! I’ve sung the fight song War Hymn! (Thanks for the correction, Barclay.) I went to Maroon Out 2006! My car is maroon for crying out loud! I explained Yell Leaders to my Mizzou friends when A&M played at Farout Field! I bawled when I read Texas Monthly’s cover story on the ten-year anniversary of the Bonfire tradgedy! I walked out of Kyle Field silently after a horribly depressing and disgustingly close loss to Nebraska! A-hem, excuse me, it wasn’t a loss, we just ran out of time…

Look at me reppin' the Aggie spirit!

SEE! I know the Aggie traditions! I just want to love you all and bond over Texas-y things.

So love me, Aggies, please? It would mean the word to this displaced Texan.


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