Blue Bell wants me back… I think.

Ever since I went home at spring break, I have been weirdly homesick for Texas.

Every time I’ve left home since coming to school in August of 2007, my mother has cried. That’s approximately 13 times, giver or take, not counting the times she came to visit me and cried when she left.

I’ve cried about leaving Texas once. No, it wasn’t when I first moved to college; it was the first time I visited home and had to come back to Missouri my first summer here. I didn’t know very many people in Columbia then, and I just wanted to stay home and hang out with my friends.

Luckily, that summer turned out great, and I haven’t cried about leaving the Lone Star State in nearly two years.

I’ve always had a healthy Texas pride. I’ve had my old license plates hung proudly from my walls and wear my James Avery Texas pendant frequently. I’ve fallen in love with the line “Sweet Texas, I’ll kiss ya/Hope to be back, but now I gotta leave ya” from The Rocket Summer’s “Hills and Valleys,” and smile when I meet someone here from Tejas, but for the most part I’ve loved my time in the Show-Me State. In past semesters I’ve told people I’d be willing to settle down here, maybe in the suburbs of KC, maybe even head north to Chi-Town.

But for the past two weeks, the inner-Texan in me has been nagging. I don’t know what it was exactly, probably the combination of seeing several of my best friends from home, spending time with my family and engrossing myself in a Texas history refresher thanks to my uncle, but I’ve grown more fond of my Texas Monthlies (the national magazine of Texas, heh heh) and started looking into grad programs at Texas A&M and Baylor.

And tonight, I was suddenly hit with a longing for bluebonnets. (Side note: WordPress didn’t recognize “bluebonnets” as a word. I’m kind of upset.)

Maybe I’m going crazy. Maybe I’m just sick of the semester and missing my friends who I saw for the first time in months a few weeks ago, but maybe this is legit. Maybe it’s something akin to a biological clock, but instead of suddenly wanting a baby, I suddenly want Chicken Express, Braums, huge flags, wide open spaces and bluebonnets.

Anyway, out of my craziness of tonight, I went to Flickr and made a slide show of bluebonnets and listened to The Dixie Chicks’ “Cowboy Take Me Away” on repeat. Feel free to join me; I’ve left instructions below. Maybe it’ll help you understand what I’m missin’.

Sorry, y’all. The Texas accent is creepin’ in. I’ve missed it a bit.

1. Hit “play” on the video below.
2. Click this link to open it in a new window and watch the slide show while listening to the song.

PS: If you caught the title reference, extra points for you. It’s from Bowling For Soup’s “Ohio (Come Back to Texas).”


3 thoughts on “Blue Bell wants me back… I think.

      • ahhhh whataburger is a texas staple!! you gotta get on that. even if you dont like the burgers, just hanging out there at 2 AM is fun enough. And I never really decided who to like between UT and A&M either, so that’s fine

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