Be the center of our lives.

I just finished reading William Young’s The Shack for my core group, and while it wasn’t the most life-changing book I’ve ever read, I did get at least one really good passage out of it about where my priorities should be.

It surprisingly told me that God shouldn’t be number one; he should be at the center, not the top.

“The trouble with living by priorities,” [the Holy Spirit] spoke, “is that it sees everything as a hierarchy, a pyramid, and you and I have already had that discussion. If you put God at the top, what does that really mean and how much is enough? How much time do you give me before you can go on about the rest of your day, the part that interest you so much more?”

[God] again interrupted. “You see, Mackenzie, I don’t just want a piece of you and a piece of your life. Even if you were able, which you are not, to give me the biggest piece, that is not what I want. I want all of you and all of every part of you and your day.”

Jesus now spoke again. “Mack, I don’t want to be first among your list of values; I want to be at the center of everything. When I live in you, then together we can live through everything that happens to you. Rather than a pyramid, I want to be the center of a mobile, where everything in your life—your friends, family, occupation, thoughts, activities—is connected to me but moves with the wind, in and out and back and forth, in an indescribable dance of being.”

“And I,” concluded [the Holy Spirit], “I am the wind.”

The Shack, pages 206-207

And all of this reminded me of Charlie Hall’s song “Center.” What an amazing prayer.


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