To LT or not LT, that is the question.

I am a firm believer in the Avril Lavigne lyric “Whatever’s meant to be will work out perfectly.” I believe in it so much that I told the Summer Welcome interview panel that “Keep Holding On” was my life theme song, especially when sung by the cast of Glee, though I didn’t tell them that. (It’s also the reason one of my top five strengths is “connectedness“.)

So then when that same Summer Welcome panel cut me from the interview process, I really wasn’t upset as much as I was surprised.

It’s been a week since I got the apologetic email. Like I said, I wasn’t upset, just genuinely shocked. My freshman year I went through the application process and made it to the third and final round before being cut. I wanted to apply again the summer after my sophomore year, but I had to take Reporting and didn’t have the time that summer. So I thought this was my year. I’ve been exploring the idea of getting my Master’s in Student Affairs, hoping to do something with freshmen transition programs (like FIGs), so I thought a summer doing freshman orientation would be an excellent experience. I thought that since I had made it to Round 3 my freshman year, I’d definitely make it at least that far with two years of ResLife under my belt.

Turns out this wasn’t my year, and I’m really okay with it. I spent all of last semester praying that God would put me where I need to be this summer. I really thought he was showing me Summer Welcome, but that just shows what I know about God’s plans.

I first heard about Leadership Training at The Rock’s fall retreat last October. At the time it was the furthest thing from my mind for my summer. I was going to apply for Summer Welcome, and if that didn’t work out, work at my design internship and stay in Columbia for my third summer.

A few months ago there was an informational meeting for LT, and though I had no intentions of applying,  went because my friends were going, and Jarod Kientz wouldn’t stop punching me until I at least sat through the LT spiel. Sounded cool, but not for me.

As I sat at mt desk last Saturday night staring at my laptop, trying to process the rejection before I had to meet all my friends downstairs to see Avatar, LT suddenly appeared in the front of my mind.

“Are you trying to tell me something, God? Did you cut me from Summer Welcome because I’m supposed to be at LT this summer? Please give me clarity.”

I called my mom the next day to tell her that I got cut, and I mentioned a possible summer in Estes Park. The woman flipped out. In a good way. She told me Estes Park was the most beautiful place on the face of the earth and that I had to go. Oh, yeah, she should probably pray about it, but as of now, her vote was for LT.

"The most beautiful place on the face of the earth," my mom said.

I started to look into it. I asked some people about it. I decided to fill out the YMCA application so if I decided to go, I would at least have a job to go to.

I’m still praying for God to show me where I need to be, but after a week, I can’t think of any reason I shouldn’t be at LT this summer.

God works in mysterious ways. My freshman year I was counting on Summer Welcome, was cut, and ended up living with girls who eventually led me to join Phi Lamb. Sophomore year I was hoping for Summer Welcome, found out i needed to take Reporting,  counted on a summer ResLife position for housing, didn’t get it, and ended up living with Melanie, which was great.

And this year I hope for Summer Welcome, but get cut from the process with just enough time to fill out the LT job application before the recommended Feb. 1 deadline. The people left in the Summer Welcome process? They don’t find out if they’re in until Feb. 2. Plus they have meetings every Tuesday. I was saving my Tuesday nights for Summer Welcome meetings, but once I was cut, I moved my Graphics shift at the Missourian to Tuesdays from Thursdays, which frees up Thursday nights, so now I can go to Canvas Group dinner every week.

God, you’re kind of amazing.


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